Automess is a company with 50 years of experience in the development, production and sale of nuclear radiation meters.

Their work focus on the development of dose rate detectors and personal dosimeters. This means they can offer different types of instruments with which dose rates from 1 nSv/h to 10 Sv/h can be measured. Their instruments are also equipped with a robust and waterproof die-cast aluminium casing. This is particularly advantageous in harsh environmental conditions.

Depending on where Automess radiation protection measuring instruments are used, it becomes quickly evident that the areas of application are not only in industry or research, for example for monitoring a daily radiation dose or for use in occupational safety. In addition, Automess instruments are also used in civil defence, disaster control and fire brigades.


Gamma Alarm Station 859.1
Gamma Alarm Station


Dose rate meter 6150AD

X-ray and gamma radiation detector


Teledetector 6112AD

Gamma and X-radiation


Teledetector 6112M/H

Gamma and X-radiation and beta radiation


Teledetector 6112D-100/H

Gamma Dose Rate Meter with Telescopic Probe for Ambient Dose Equivalent H*(10)


Gamma Probes 6150AD-15 and 6150AD-18

External Probes for the Dose Rate Meter 6150AD

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