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Scannix S.A. is a sister company of DSI and has been founded in 2004. Scannix started its activities in the sector of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and developed into a company specialized in the development and sales of nuclear measurement devices for a wide range of applications.


Total employment at both Scannix and DSI is 19 full time positions, including : Nuclear-, Chemical- & Mechanical Engineers and Physicians.

This knowhow allows us to provide a wide range of services.


Nuclear measurements related services :

Training : Scannix offers customized training courses for your staff. These courses can be planned as a refresher training for already experienced staff as well as an introductory training for new personnel and/or equipment.Training may be also make on no Scannix products (Genie 2000 – ISOCS – …)

Installation : Our Service Engineers are qualified to install your equipment and they will insure an optimal configuration and setting for your applications.
Thanks to our extensive product portfolio we can offer maximum flexibility on software and hardware solutions. These flexibility guarantees the end-user the most cost-beneficial solution available.

Routine System Management & Maintenance : Regularly scheduled maintenance maximizes customer’s operational performances by identifying potential problems as early as possible and assuring that the equipment is functioning to original specifications. Scannix provides a range of services from “Full Omnium”- to “Maintenance”-service contracts.


On Site Measurements (InSitu, …) : Scannix’s specialists are dispatched for a wide range of measurement services. Gamma spectrometry, contamination monitoring, dose rate measurement,…


Repair : We propose a repair service for every types/brands of nuclear measurement system. Our technical team is trained to support your devices when it’s necessary to replace defective parts.


Annual Calibration / Verification : Annual calibration of your device is required to certify the right measured value of your measurement system.We are proposing a complete service (on site pick-up, calibration, software reset if applicable, repair/adjustment if required).A calibration validation paper is delivered with every inspected unit.

Scannix calibration2

Detector Characterizations : In order to calculate mathematically the efficiency curving of your detector a detector characterization of your detector is necessary. Our Engineers can characterize your detector at your laboratory without the need of sending your detector to our office.

In Situ measurements

Systems upgrade : For any reasons existing systems must be sometimes updated : operating system compatibility, obsolete electronic acquisition, partial defectuosity, limited software possibilities,…Scannix is able to upgrade most of the existing system on the market.




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