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X-Ray Inspection

Scannix has strong expertise in the X-Ray inspection field applied to QC of mechanical parts and inspection of nuclear wastes. With his new partner DSi, Scannix can operate in the field of nuclear decommissioning.

Mobile Inspection System:

We are able to propose a non-intrusive X-ray inspection system for nuclear waste drums mounted in a mobile ISO container.

Such system is compound, for example, of:

  • X-ray inspection system consisting of
    • Linear detector (1.6 mm pixel size)
    • X-ray generator
    • Security system
  • Shielded cabin for measurement
  • Control room
  • Mechanical system for drum
    • Conveyor system (drum movement + load/unload)
    • X-ray detector support
    • Support for drum inspection
  • Acquisition system
    • Hardware and software for all inspection sequences and movement in the container
    • Software for data acquisition and data treatment



Every new delivered system is installed by our technical team in accordance in manufacturer guide lines. Our technician will spend time with the customer to understand his requirements and apply settings in function of his application

As end of the installation a training session will be organize with all the involved parties.


Our team is trained to supply and replace all components of X-ray systems. On customer request we could dedicated a stock of critical parts. This will reduce significantly the time of new commissioning of the system.


Part inspection:

Scannix offers you the possibility to inspect parts on our in house systems. We could take in charge the analyse of single parts of large quantities into an automatic inspection system. High energy systems could also be used for high density or big thickness parts.

X-Ray inspection system rental:

Our rental service could be very useful for customers with a punctual need of increasing part inspection volume, system replacement in case of unexpected stop of the main system,… We could provide standards systems up to high energy installation (linear accelerator).


Our personal is trained to perform services on X-Ray industrial systems, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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