Our certified calibration services guarantee accurate and reliable measurements, in compliance with the Federal Agency for Nuclar Control standards, to ensure the reliability of your operations.

Maintenance and Repair

We maintain and repair your equipment to ensure continuous, optimal operation, reducing downtime and preserving your company’s productivity.


Our customized training programs are designed to maximize your teams’ efficiency in using our equipment, and guarantee optimal, safe use of your investments.

Tailor-Made Installation

To ensure optimum performance of your equipment, benefit from our expertise in custom installation for smooth and efficient integration of our solutions into your site-specific environments.


Make your radioactive waste management easier with our source take-back service, offering a practical and safe solution for their responsible disposal.

Expert Guidance

Our experts guide you in the selection and optimal use of our products, and help you make the right decisions to meet your specific needs.

If you are interested in one or more of our services, click here to contact our team.